Faculty Friday: Dee Peyton

Dee is originally from London in the U.K. where she launched her teaching career.  She left  London to work abroad in Cairo, Egypt, and Switzerland, before moving to Seoul. In her previous schools, she was a Primary Years class teacher and also held a number of positions, including Head of Year, and Subject Coordinators for Humanities and P.E.  Dee has over 20 years of teaching experience, primarily as a Class Teacher.  Since arriving at Dwight School Seoul, Dee has been teaching in the Learning Support Department.

What is your role at Dwight School Seoul?  
I work in the Quest Department as a Learning Support and EAL Teacher.

What made you decide to work in an education setting?  And what is your philosophy?
I always wanted to work in an area where I could help others. I realised very early on that this was not to be in health care – I can not stand the sight of blood!! So teaching, it was!  My guiding philosophy is that I feel strongly about Integrity. We should all act with a genuine desire for transparency, honesty and respect.

What do you like the most about working at DSS?
I like that this is a small school, where you can get to know one another really well. I get to work across many different year groups and feel I get to know students and staff better.

What are your interests and or hobbies? 
I love to bake,  and I spend a lot of time baking treats with my children! If I ever get some time for myself, then I enjoy going for walks and reading (not at the same time!)
I also really love to explore new places.

Who inspires you and how?  
Firstly, my mum is my biggest inspiration. She also had a passion for travel and trying new things, which I feel I have inherited. She worked very hard to provide for us as a family when we were little and I feel I have learnt a lot from her.   Anyone who challenges themselves to think in different ways and tries to achieve different things can be an inspiration to others. A lot of the people I hold in inspiration are Naturalists, people who try to help others or the environment. For example; Simon Reeve, a journalist who came from humble beginnings and now is a travel writer. Of course, David Attenborough who has made us so much more aware of the natural world, through his documentaries and travels and is still going strong in his 90’s!

What have you been reading lately?
A recent book I have read that I thought was brilliant, is called, ‘The Kingdom of Women’ by Choo Waihong.  It’s about a society, in the Yunnan province in South West China,  that is ruled and run entirely by women.   Men are second place and take no part in any decision making, have no say in finances or how decisions are made. It was definitely a thought provoking book,  and interesting to see how society can operate in a different way.

What is one fun fact about you that others may not know or may surprise them?
I love to watch old television crime shows! I grew up watching classics such as Columbo and Murder She Wrote. They remind me of good times!

Why would you tell a prospective family to choose DSS?
Well, my own kids are always very happy to come  to school and I feel that this is a good measure of a school and its staff. If the students are happy, then you’re in the right place!

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