Diploma Program

Dwight’s IB Diploma Program is an assessed program for students aged 16 – 19, spanning Grades 11 and 12. It employs a rigorous evaluation system encompassing both internal and external assessments. Culminating in a series of externally evaluated examinations, typically comprising two or three timed written tests, the program ensures a thorough understanding and application of knowledge.

The DP is the “gold standard” in pre-university preparation. Attaining success in DP examinations frequently leads to advantageous outcomes such as elevated academic standing, course credits, scholarships, and various admissions-related privileges at esteemed universities worldwide.

Why the DP at Dwight Seoul

Students learn more than a body of knowledge. The DP prepares students for university and encourages them to ask challenging questions, learn how to learn, develop a strong sense of their own identity and culture, and the ability to communicate with and understand people from other countries and cultures.
The curriculum contains six subject groups together with the DP core; creativity, activity, service (CAS); the extended essay (EE); and a rigorous theory of knowledge (TOK) course.
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In addition to the three core subjects offered through the IBDP at Dwight Seoul, students will also need to choose to study six additional subjects.

  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Extended Essay
  • Creativity, Activity and Service
  • Group 1: Language A — Studies in Language and Literature — Courses in this subject group cover elements of both language and literature, focusing on language skill development and cultural literacy.


  • Group 2: Language B — Language Acquisition — Courses in this subject group are focussed on language skill development, primarily on allowing students to become proficient in an additional language.


  • Group 3: Individuals & Societies — Courses in this subject group encourage students to analyze human experience, social environments and cultural institutions.


  • Group 4: Sciences — Courses in this subject group focus on the practical aspect of science, encouraging students to actively participate in experimental work.


  • Group 5: Mathematics — Courses in this subject group include Applications and Interpretation as well as Analysis and Approaches, both of which encourage students to consider mathematics from varying perspectives.


  • Group 6: The Arts — Courses in this subject group explore artistic works across many cultures, allowing students to embrace a variety of traditions and perspectives while studying the techniques used.


IBDP Year 1

  • Students must be at least 16 years old.
  • Must have completed secondary school as well as 10 years of formal education.
  • Must be proficient in English or be willing to take an English bridge course.

IBDP Year 2

  • Students must be at least 17 years old.
  • Must have successfully completed IBDP Year 1.
  • Must be proficient in English.

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