At Dwight Seoul, our students’ educational journey transcends traditional classrooms

They travel to home countries of Dwight Schools in our global network, engaging in exchange programs that foster friendships with peers from other campuses and expose them to diverse cultures. Additionally, our students embark on trips to various international locations to participate in leadership and community service initiatives, and broader world exploration.

Week Without Walls

Nurturing Minds, Broadening Horizons

For students at Dwight in grades 7 through 11, education extends beyond the confines of the classroom. Every student is given the chance to delve deeply into the local culture’s vibrant mosaic and to make a meaningful contribution to the enhancement of the community.

Week Without Walls transcends a mere trip; it is a pivotal expedition that endows students with the necessary skills, values, and worldviews to thrive in a globally interwoven and diverse society. When students return, they carry with them not merely recollections but an expanded comprehension of their place and responsibilities within the global community.

A Cultural Journey Through Japan

Grade 7 students embark on an enriching exploration of Japan’s vibrant cities, savoring local cuisine, visiting numerous historic landmarks, and delving into the unique and varied facets of this East Asian nation.

This educational expedition kindles their curiosity, broadens their viewpoints, and enhances their appreciation for global cultural diversity.

Collaboration with an NGO in Cambodia

Grade 8 and 9 students participate in an enriching service trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Collaborating with the NGO Water for Cambodia, they construct biosand filters to provide clean drinking water for a remote village.

In addition to their service activities, students explore the majestic Angkor wat. They also enjoy a range of activities including ziplining, cycling through scenic landscapes, and taking part in a workshop at the Phare Circus.

Adventures in Indonesia

Grade 10 and 11 students explore the diverse landscapes and rich cultures of Bali, Indonesia. This trip offers an array of activities designed to foster personal growth and environmental responsibility.

Students learn to surf and may even earn an Open Water Scuba Dive certificate, developing skills that enhance their courage, resilience, and adaptability. They also participate in vital environmental initiatives such as reef restoration, coral planting, and mangrove conservation, deepening their commitment to ecological stewardship.

Cultural explorations, sampling traditional Indonesian dishes, practicing sunrise yoga, and engaging in community service projects will further broaden their understanding of global interconnectedness and cultural diversity.

Think Globally, Act Locally in Seoul

At Dwight Seoul, we value the profound impact of global experiences and equally emphasize the significance of engaging with our local community. As part of the Week Without Walls program, students have the opportunity to deeply explore Seoul.

They investigate the city’s economic environment, interact with local businesses, contribute to environmental sustainability efforts, and immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture. This initiative helps students connect their global learning to local actions, enriching their educational journey.

Cross-Campus Trips & Exchanges

The global network of Dwight Schools offer our students opportunities to travel to other campuses to collaborate in musical festivals that celebrate inclusivity and diversity.

Global Music Concert

The Global Music Concert is an annual celebration that unites students from our campuses in New York, London, Seoul, Shanghai, Dubai, the Global Online platform, and Hanoi. This event showcases a spectacular evening of musical performances, featuring talents from across the globe.

In previous years, prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Lotte Concert Hall, and Dwight School Dubai have hosted this illustrious event.

London ChoirFest

The London ChoirFest, hosted annually by Dwight School London, is a vibrant assembly where talented members of the Upper School Chorus from Dwight Schools worldwide come together.

During this event, students unite in harmonious performances, forge new friendships, and experience the iconic sights of London.

Exchange Program

Dwight Schools offer exchange programs that enable students to immerse themselves in a different culture by traveling to another Dwight campus.

This opportunity provides students with valuable insights and experiences that enhance their understanding of global citizenship and foster a deeper appreciation of diverse cultures.