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The Dress Code Is an Important Part of Dwight School Life

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Dress Code Guidelines

Students are to adhere to the dress code from the time they arrive at school until the end of the school day. Modifications to the dress code for religious or health reasons must be requested through the appropriate principal, or head of school. All clothing must be neat, clean, and in good repair and skirt/kilts, and skorts must be worn at an appropriate length.

Distracting hair styles are not permitted. Students with facial hair should be neatly manicured and properly groomed. Tattoos should be covered and not be visible.

Students may not adorn their clothes, bodies, or belongings with political, offensive, or divisive markings or messages.

Students may not wear hats, hooded sweatshirts/jackets, or other non-religious head wear during the academic day. Students may wear winter hats and jackets outside during the winter months.

Students wearing clothing deemed to be in violation of the Dwight Seoul dress code may not be permitted to attend class and may be penalized or disciplined. When a teacher confronts a student to correct a dress code violation, the student is expected to comply immediately. Participation in the life of the school is contingent upon proper adherence to the dress code.

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