The Dwight School Seoul Early Childhood Division (ECD) supports your child’s development. Our holistic and purposeful learning spaces help children learn through play and build relationships.

ECD – PYP Early Years

The Early Childhood Division (ECD) caters to children aged 3 to 6 within our PYP program. We prioritize fostering nurturing relationships among students, teachers, peers, and the community in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Our learning spaces are carefully designed to ignite curiosity and encourage exploration, with students having a say in their learning journey. Classroom displays reflect student progress and adapt to their inquiries over time.

Why the ECD at Dwight Seoul

Safe and inviting environment
The program places utmost importance on crafting an environment that is both safe and inviting, providing students with a secure space where they can freely explore and learn, thus nurturing a positive and supportive atmosphere for growth.
Fostering strong relationships
Students cultivate meaningful connections with a diverse array of educators, peers, and community members, fostering not only social and emotional development but also instilling a deep sense of belonging within the community fabric.
Empowering student-led learning
Championing student agency, students steer their own educational journey, fostering independence and self-assurance as they actively shape their learning experiences and inquiries.
Harnessing the power of purposeful play
Purposeful play serves as a driver for our four units of inquiry, captivating students through hands-on experience that ignite exploration, creativity, and critical thinking, all the while nurturing the acquisition of essential skills.
Promoting holistic growth
By seamlessly blending purposeful play with targeted skill development, the program ensures a comprehensive approach to student growth, addressing their socio-emotional, physical, academic, and psychological needs. This prepares them to emerge as compassionate, open-minded communicators, unafraid to take risks and make positive contributions to their community.
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The Importance of An Early Start

In a constantly changing world, it is paramount to be at least one step in the right direction. The Early Childhood Division (ECD) equips learners with the necessary tools for them to take on the challenges of the future.

Active Engagement Promotes Higher Learning Retention

The Early Childhood Studies program at Dwight School Seoul embraces play with a purpose because young learners do their best through play. Therefore, we structure every activity that promotes engagement, drives inquiry, and sparks curiosity amongst our young learners.

Cultivating Effective Communication Through Social Connections

At Dwight School Seoul, our focus is to establish the fundamentals of interpersonal skills of young learners by uniting learners from diverse backgrounds through common linguistic practices. By establishing a foundation for effective communication, our young learners are able to develop a sense of confidence, individuality and independence which are vital in navigating through society.

Establishing A Conducive Learning Environment Through Inviting Spaces

Facilitating comfortable learning spaces for young learners is at the very core of Dwight School Seoul. Our campus is designed to be a safe space to nurture inquisitive minds and encourages young learners to engage while exploring their surrounding environment.

The Perfect Way To Kickstart Your Child’s Learning Journey

As an IB continuum school that adopts a well-rounded approach to learning, our Early Childhood Division program equips your child to become a lifelong learner, thoughtful leader, and dynamic global citizen.

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