At Dwight Seoul, our students are united by a shared passion for making a positive impact on the world

Through student-led clubs and initiatives, guided by the dedicated support of our faculty advisors, students are empowered to explore their interests and drive meaningful change.

Internationally Affiliated Clubs

Our globally connected clubs provide students with opportunities to engage with broader network and develop skills that have a worldwide impact:

Robotics Team: Designing the future of technology

Model UN: Developing diplomatic skills through global debate

Forensics (Speech and Debate): Sharpening argumentative and public speaking skills

Eco Council: Advocating for environmental sustainability

MedCo: Exploring medical sciences and health care

Girl Up Lions: Empowering girls around the world

Amnesty International: Championing human rights

Mu Alpha Theta: Exciting the mathematicians with complex challenges

National Science Honor Society: Fostering scientific inquiry and innovation

DECA Business Club: Preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs

Red Cross Youth

Student Engagement Clubs

These clubs focus on fostering personal growth, creativity, and community engagement among students:

Contemporary Band: Crafting and performing modern music

Design & Development Club: Creating digital and physical projects from scratch

Mental Health Club: Promoting wellness and support among peers

Animal Volunteering: Supporting animal welfare initiatives

Nanumi Club: Engaging in local community service

Empower Teenage Salvadoran Mothers: Aiding young mothers in El Salvador

Photography Club: Capturing moments and teaching photographic skills

Cultural Celebration Club: Exploring and celebrating diverse cultures

Islamic Club: Providing a space for cultural and religious exchange

Dungeons and Dragons: Encouraging strategic thinking and imagination in storytelling

GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance): Advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and awareness

At Dwight Seoul, we believe in the power of student initiative and leadership to foster a vibrant and inclusive school community.

CNN interview of our EcoCouncil students

Our EcoCouncil students were featured on CNN with Paula Hancocks