Personal Project Video Showcase

The Personal Project is the culmination of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and encompasses the ideas of personal learning, Approaches To Learning (ATL) skills and independent growth. Each year the students in Grade 10 embark on a journey of their own design based on the personal project curriculum.


This year students created a range of interesting products based on personal learning goals. Amongst the projects were personalized computers, cultural cookbooks, informative websites, and clothing and jewelery design.

In response to benefits of providing a showcase of student projects, as required by the IB, and limited by the realities of COVID-19, Dwight Grade 10 students put together a video showcase which walks through the various projects and experiences of personal growth and learning.

“This is the third year that has been affected by restrictions but we’re still remaining positive and it is encouraging the way our students engaged with showcasing their work,” said Mr Jonathan Pratt, PP Coordinator.

“We’re very proud of what our students have accomplished over the last year, and they should be too.”

Dwight congratulates the students of Grade 10 for successfully completing their personal projects. We look look forward to what Grade 9 students may choose to take on going into next year.

You can view the complete video showcase here:


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