Mental Health Club at tomorrow’s Spring Fair

Hello Dwight Community!

We are Dwight’s Mental Health Club led by Eunjae Baek in G11. We are nine G9 members Jennifer, Amy, Michelle, Cocoa, Franny, Sera, Annie, Francesca, Jacob, and Chloe.

Our club’s ultimate goal is to make mental health more accessible to Dwight’s students. This year, we have achieved several milestones. These being: making the New Year Resolution board, promoting our club, establishing roles within the club, and creating resource kits for students (stay in tuned for this!). Through each step of the way, we learned how to be more caring and knowledgeable about the topic of mental health.

Expanding from Eunjae’s Personal Project, we would like to make her Website available to the Dwight Community. The website includes facts about mental health, a quick quiz to see what type of social media user you are, and a section to interact! The website will be a place where students can self-refer to get solutions to any mental health concerns. One of these is peer counseling. You can talk to one of the members of the Mental Health Club or reach out to Mr. Jackson, our Whole School Pastoral Counselor.

Here is the link:

Also, we are having a booth at Spring Fair! We will be selling resource kits with items that help relieve stress. One bag costs 5,000 won and it includes a pop-it fidget spinner, small bubble fan, flower petal soap, and a number of other fidget toys. Please come support us at our booth! In addition, if you would like to volunteer at our booth for either CAS or Service as Action experience, please check your Gmail for the signup form.

We hope you have a wonderful rest of your second semester!

MHC Club