Eco Council: Food Waste Competition

The Eco Council is pleased to announce the Food Waste Competition from November 15-19. 

Food waste bins in the cafeteria will be colour coordinated to match our Dwight Houses. Students should place any food waste into the corresponding bin.

House points will be awarded depending on each house’s performance. The house with the least food waste will receive 100 points, second place will earn 75, third place 50 and last place 25 points. Students will need to show their house sticker from the back of their lanyard when returning food waste and if they put their waste into the wrong bin their house will receive a points penalty. 

The winning house will win a donation to an animal descendant of their house’s mascot.

“The winning donation will be $100, which was raised from our uniform sale. The money will go to the WWF, to support the endangered species,” said Jimin (G11) from the Eco Council.

“The winning house will also receive a stuffed toy animal of their mascot which will be on display in the cafeteria.”

If this is successful, the Eco Council are hopeful that this competition return at different times throughout the year, to help reduce food waste.

The Eco Council looks forward to everyone’s active participation. Let’s reduce our waste.