Dwight wins KAIAC VEX Robotics championship

The first-ever KAIAC Varsity Robotics season successfully finished last Saturday Feb. 12th. This season was truly meaningful to the Dwight Robotics Team as the senior members had dedicated a great deal of effort over two years prior which helped make Robotics an official varsity sport in KAIAC for other students to engage in robotics easily. 

This season, a total of 22 teams from 6 different schools (CI, SFS, SIS, KIS, APIS, and DSS) participated in the skills tournaments. Thanks to the school’s and Mr. Burke’s incredible support, the three Varsity Dwight Robotics teams performed exceptionally, placing 1st, 2nd, and 9th in the KAIAC Finals.

Above: The Dwight VEX Robotics teams between events watching their opponents online.

Congratulations to team 25400C (G12’s Kevin, Anthony, and YoungJu) for becoming the very first champions of the Varsity Robotics Sport and team 25400B (Dongwoo, Michelle, and Hangyeol) for coming in a close 2nd! Special congratulations to Ella Park (G9) for also finishing strong and placing 9th.

The Dwight Robotics Team’s spirit has been extremely high, where the team members are motivated by each other, and we are continuing this rhythm to compete in the 2022 VEX Robotics National Championships, which will be held next week on Feb. 26th!

Go Dwight!

YoungJu, G12

VEX Robotics Team Captain