CAS Report: Behind the Scenes of DSS News

DSS News is a Friday broadcast presentation shown every Friday morning to the Dwight community. Here, students are able to showcase some of their classes’ works, promote their club’s achievements, or celebrate significant milestones. In addition, other important information such as the weather and school announcements are broadcasted for quick digestion of information. Thus, DSS News is important to our Dwight community, and it is especially important that high-quality production is ensured with every weekly broadcast. As a typical enjoyer of DSS News and production, I have initiated to help out the DSS News crew for my CAS Service.

While the job may seem easy at first glance, it is far from the truth. Like with many other film productions, a team is involved with the process. Unlike typical film productions however, DSS news is decentralised. Each reporter has their own stories to share to the community, so it is important to not overlap with the content.

This presents a challenge that can be overcome with communication skills. Not only do crew members have to communicate amongst each other, but also they have to communicate with the DSS News director: Mr. David Burke. In order to keep the news interesting and fun every week for the community, there needs to be a constant exchange of ideas not just in terms of contents presented, but also the way it is presented.

As for my personal experience, I worked extensively with my junior Steve Han (Class of 2027). Although this was my first time in this new genre, we were able to communicate to decide filming locations, filming dates, and roles & responsibilities. We also communicated with Mr. Burke of our project ideas and progress for his feedback. Overall, the teamwork shared between Steve and I has allowed us to work efficiently with content production.

Working collaboratively will allow for the development of preexisting skills while also learning new ones. Delegating roles, depending on the partner’s school workload, will mean to take on a challenge and try out new skills. I was new to filming and had virtually no idea on how to operate a camera. Joining the DSS News team allowed me to learn the basics of filming while my partner was away. Plus, DSS News allowed me to practice and hone my editing skills. While the editing for DSS News is very minimal, it is important to get the small details perfect for a better viewing experience. Honing my skills in transitions and colour correction are just a few examples of developments in my editing skills. Joining the DSS News team presents new opportunities to learn new skills or honing old ones regarding the arts of the camera.

While DSS News is a weekly broadcast, there are times when the News picks up larger projects. A prime example is the Winter Assembly, a grand effort between the crew, the staff, and the community. Larger projects require more dedication towards its completion alone, and there are some like Steve and me who extend commitment towards a high quality assembly.

While commitment and perseverance is not a required trait in order to create content for DSS News, we show our dedication for the community. A sense of service and honour of creating videos that everyone’s eyes are attached to in the morning is our driving force. Yes, the editing computer was slow. Yes, there was not enough time to shoot and edit the clips. Yes, everyone was tired by 17:00 due to either sitting in front of a computer screen or standing behind a camera. The important aspect is that it was completed as a product that we are proud about.

The passionate creators at the DSS Crew with the commitment to see them in execution is why I am a proud member of the DSS News crew. It is a lot of hard work, and sometimes there are many obstacles. The most important thing, just like in life, is finding methods to overcome those hurdles and reach the finish line. This is all about creating content for DSS News.

DSS News Season 2 has begun. While it is sad to see that I will not be as involved compared to semester 1, seeing what DSS News has become is more than enough for me.