CAS Journey – Special Olympics Korea

CAS Journey – Special Olympics Korea

Andy (Grade 12)

Describe your selected CAS experience or project.
During my most memorable CAS experience, I got the chance to work with Special Olympics Korea (SOK) and participate in their children’s sports program. This involved helping children engage in physical activity and helping them have fun while getting the opportunity to move around. Some of the activities were jumping around obstacle courses, running around the gym, and various sports games. This was a weekly activity that I committed to during the summer holidays between DP1 and DP2.

Describe your successes and challenges within this experience or project.
I think some of the successes that I had with this particular activity were that I could confidently participate in all of the exercises without any limitations. This is because I am already a pretty active person, and this allowed me to take part and help the children directly for the entire class. However, one challenge that I faced during this activity was how to cope with children who were much younger than me. This was difficult as I do not have a much younger sibling, and prior to this experience, I was not familiar with younger children.

Describe how you met one of your selected learning outcomes within this experience or project.
I was able to meet the learning outcome of working collaboratively with others. This was because the sports program involved different kinds of people who also wanted to volunteer. For example, I had to work with the SOK teachers, other volunteers from different universities, and also, of course, the children themselves. I think through this activity; I was able to grasp the benefits of working with other people that I have never met before. Even though at first working with others was quite challenging, in the end, I was able to work very well with everyone in the SOK program as we all had the goal of helping the children have a fun time while exercising.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I think overall the experience was a good way to spend one meaningful day a week during the summer holidays – not only for CAS purposes but also to interact and meet different kinds of people whom I would usually not meet.