CAS Journey – Photography

CAS Journey – Photography

Describe your selected CAS experience or project.
My most memorable CAS experience was photography. I like taking photographs when walking around the city, especially in Itaewon, and I saw involvement through CAS as an opportunity to keep me motivated and committed to this hobby of mine. I have developed many skills throughout my experience, and I have enjoyed editing and sharing these photographs through an Instagram account.

Describe your successes and challenges within this experience or project.
One of my major challenges was taking photographs while walking around and finding the right place and the right timing for the photograph. It took me some time to figure it out and develop skills that would help me to frame shots properly considering background, color, tone and lighting. One of my successes was when I was about to finish the experience, I looked at the photographs I took at the beginning and started comparing them to more recent photos. I saw a very big difference in technique and editing, it made me see how much I have developed. For example, when I first started taking photographs, I found it very difficult to control the colors and make sure the colors stay natural and give a highlight that fits the colors present. Now I am able to control the colors while taking the photograph and even more when editing it.

Describe how you met one of your selected learning outcomes within this experience or project.
I have shown commitment throughout this experience. When the pandemic started I couldn’t leave the house much, and I had to find a way for me to take photographs at home. I found a way which is taking photographs of objects I see around me and interest me. During this time I focused on developing my skills when taking close-up photographs of objects. Since the objects I saw around my house were limited, I always looked for stuff in the house to arrange into something more interesting for me to practice on, for example, a vase, or plants around the house. It was not easy to do this, and I still find it very difficult, however I am now more familiar with it, and am able to use these skills in photography outside of my home. I stayed committed and took photographs whenever I had a chance to do so, and I keep developing this skill.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Through CAS I have developed a new hobby that encourages me to explore the world and different places. It has helped me confidently take photographs that I can keep for the future and look back on to recall select memories. Of course, there is always more room for development of skills. I have been using my phone camera for these photographs, and I look forward to having an opportunity to use a more advanced DSLR camera one day that will allow me to develop my photography skills further.