CAS Journey – Impact of Working Collaboratively

CAS Journey – Impact of Collaborative Effort

Syafiq (Grade 12)

Describe your selected CAS experience or project.
Sohta, Hyunwoo, Nak, and I have noticed garbage littered around the school area when walking or leaving the campus. There was rubbish on the sidewalks and roads leading up to the school, as well as trash concealed in the bushes or between the trees. Tissues, bottles, and papers can also be seen at times littered across the campus. Littering is a form of visual pollution, and seeing rubbish in public places and schools makes us uncomfortable because we value cleanliness in our community. To tackle this problem, we took matters into our own hands and cleaned up rubbish from the streets and brought it to the proper bins for disposal or recycling.

Describe your successes and challenges within this experience or project.
Our project required us to work collaboratively to ensure that the streets and sidewalks were clean. It was much easier for us to split across the school area to pick up as much visual trash as possible. However one of the challenges when observing the area was the tremendous amount of cigarette butts that can be found. They are small in size and can be difficult to spot and can easily be missed. They were not easy to clean up despite our efforts due to how many new ones can appear everyday. As a team, we attempted to pick up as much as possible due to the limited time we have with our busy student schedules.

Describe how you met one of your selected learning outcomes within this experience or project.
One of the selected learning outcomes within this project was the benefits of working collaboratively. The service of picking up trash would be a difficult task working alone and would take a great effort picking up all visible trash around the school area. Working as a team, and splitting the routes allowed us to make a bigger impact in the cleanliness in the streets and on the sidewalks.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Attempting to pick up trash around the school area was a challenging task. Although we were unable to pick up all that needed to be picked up, the effort we made was still important. If we all work collaboratively to clean anywhere we can, even picking up trash as we walk across the streets, would be enough of an effort to ensure the cleanliness of our community. Regardless of the challenge, we feel that even the smallest action can make a big difference in our society. We hope that those who may have previously contributed to the litter in our streets might see young people making an effort to keep our community clean and be inspired to do the same.