CAS Journey – Designing “Class of 2022” Jacket

Describe your selected CAS experience or project.
In the beginning of the senior year, all grade 12 students had an opportunity to design a senior uniform and we could vote for the one that we liked the most. I thought it would be a memorable experience to be involved in, so I participated and thankfully, my design got selected. It was a senior jacket with  “Class of 2022” on the back. I had always wanted to create something special for all seniors as the last year of high school is something that never comes back once we graduate. Even though this was my first time designing clothing for people and actually making it, it was a valuable and insightful experience as I am currently planning on majoring in Fashion Design in a few months time.

Describe your successes and challenges within this experience or project.
Overall, this experience was mostly successful, but there were some challenges I had to face. For instance, designing a jacket that would satisfy as many seniors as possible with a limited number of colours and elements that I was permitted to use. Being able to use only Dwight colours was the most challenging part as I didn’t want the senior jacket colour to be overlapping with the existing letterman jacket. However, I managed to figure out another suitable colour combination that still honoured our school colours. So, at the end, everything turned out well. I have gained so much knowledge and valuable experience throughout this whole project by working and communicating with the supervisor, Mr. Todd and the manufacturers. This aspect will definitely be a beneficial source to look back on when I begin to study fashion in university.

Describe how you met one of your selected learning outcomes within this experience or project.
One of my selected learning outcomes was demonstrating that challenges have been undertaken, and developing new skills in the process. As I mentioned above, this learning outcome was met successfully by designing a jacket with a few limits and by digitally drawing flat sketches and discussing my design with the experts. Through this, I have managed to develop new skills in the area of fashion.

Anything else you’d like to add?
This was by far the most memorable and special experience of my senior year. It is something that I will cherish forever as it didn’t just help me to gain new skills, but it also led me to realize the importance of hard work and clear communication. If the class of 2023 gets to have the same opportunity as we did, I want to encourage them to participate without hesitation because the design competition is still valuable for students, whether their design gets selected or not.