Bake-Off gives budding chefs fun experience

This week, the students in Bakerspace ECP took part in an exciting event: the 2022 Great Dwight Bake-Off. The competition gave the young chefs a chance to show off all the cooking skills they have learned in the past twelve weeks.

The teams competing were:

  • The Michelin Stars
  • Piece of Cake
  • All or Muffin
  • The Whisk Takers
  • The IncrEDIBLES

The challenge was to make Oreo Scones—no easy task because the kids had to remember not to overmix the dough and to keep the butter from melting as they worked it into the dry ingredients. 

On both Tuesday and Thursday, the results were amazing as the five teams of four worked together to create their magic in the kitchen: measuring the ingredients; grating the cold butter and cutting it into the flour; crumbling the Oreo cookies; shaping the dough into a disc; and, finally, cutting their scones into even slices.

The teams were judged on not only how well their scones tasted and looked, but on how well they cleaned their table, bowls, and cooking equipment.

The three judges at each event had a tough time declaring a winner because everyone performed so well. The scores were very close, but in the end these were the winners:

Tuesday’s champion: Piece of Cake

Thursday’s champion: The Michelin Stars

I was so impressed by the spirit and dedication of all the kids involved in the Bake-Off. Anyone coming to watch would have been amazed.

– Mr Paulo