1:1 iPad Trial in Grade 3

Grade 3 students have been utilizing an individually assigned school owned iPad as part of a 1:1 trial. The aims of the trial are to determine the value of these improved opportunities to develop Digital Citizenship skills in the areas of Digital Usage, Digital Literacy and Digital Safety. Students have also been assigned their own Google Workspaces account which remains signed-in on the device, enabling the full use of the productivity suite (Docs, Slides, Sheets).

In addition, Grade 3 students will be guided through the use of various tools, including the use of their own school email account – which has been set to work inside the school domain only. This provides a safe space for students to be supported and gain experience in using various tools in their digital learning.

We hope that the steps taken in this trial will provide students with an improved stepping stone to support and develop their understanding of responsible digital use in the lead up to the 1:1 BYO MacBook Program which commences in Grade 4.