Faculty Friday: Mary-Michael Kilgallon

Mary-Michael is originally from the USA.  This is her 20th year teaching and third year overseas.  Dwight is her first international experience as a family.

What is your role at Dwight School Seoul? 
Grade 1 teacher

What made you decide to work in an education setting?  And what is your philosophy?
My educational philosophy is to serve as a teacher and leader in a school that encourages open-mindedness, celebrates diversity, and empowers others to be lifelong learners.  I am committed to the social and academic growth and development of my students and work hard to create hands-on lessons that capture a child’s imagination and cultivate curiosity.

What do you like the most about working at DSS?
My students bring me so much joy each day, from the moment they walk into my classroom with excitement and smiles.  Creating a classroom environment where we are appreciated, respected, and cared for is an amazing feeling and I am honored to be a part of the community building process. My hope for each of my students is that they enter my classroom knowing that they matter and are loved!

What are your interests and or hobbies? 
Since moving to Korea, I have become a hiker!  Last spring I completed the Seoul Trail, a 157km trail surrounding the city where I learned about the history of Seoul, its culture, and ecosystem.  It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed hiking through the various forests, along streams, and through villages.

What have you been reading lately?
As an avid reader, I constantly have books around my house that I am reading.  I love wandering around book stores and usually become overwhelmed with the amount of books I want to read, knowing there is never enough time to enjoy them all ! I am currently reading The Girl With Seven Names: Escape From North Korea by Hyeonseo Lee, a story of one woman’s struggle to freedom.

What is one fun fact about you that others may not know or may surprise them?
One fun fact about myself is that I have 18 nieces and nephews that I love to pieces!

Why would you tell a prospective family to choose DSS?
We offer a diverse community that fosters individualized learning and helps students identify their spark of genius.  The inquiry driven curriculum prepares students for the world beyond and offers a range of extra curricular activities for students to grow outside the classroom.

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