Bake-Off gives budding chefs fun experience

This week, the students in Bakerspace ECP took part in an exciting event: the 2022 Great Dwight Bake-Off. The competition gave the young chefs a chance to show off all the cooking skills they have learned in the past twelve weeks. The teams competing were: The Michelin Stars Piece of Cake All or Muffin The […]

Mini-exhibition, major achievements: UOI and Music in Grade 4

UOI in Grade 4 Students in Grade 4 have been learning about Sharing the Planet, through Mini-Exhibition. They have been researching topics and problems of interest, working in groups to take action in solving conflict to live peacefully. This has afforded students the opportunity to develop ownership, voice and agency as they prepare their action […]

Hangul Day G1 Eco-bags

In honor of Hangul Day, Grades 1-5 Korean class students, designed eco-pencil cases using Korean letters. The day ended with Dwight’s annual Hangul Design Contest.

Grade 4 How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea: Media is a powerful tool that can influence thinking and behaviour.Lines of Inquiry:  Media and its purposes How media can influence our thinking and perceptions How audiences interpret and react to media differently As part of the How We Express Ourselves unit, Grade 4 students inquired into media as a powerful tool that […]

1:1 iPad Trial in Grade 3

Grade 3 students have been utilizing an individually assigned school owned iPad as part of a 1:1 trial. The aims of the trial are to determine the value of these improved opportunities to develop Digital Citizenship skills in the areas of Digital Usage, Digital Literacy and Digital Safety. Students have also been assigned their own […]